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Get ready for new codeNforcer to get a big boost!

Are you code confident enough to drive your software projects to success? Coding isn’t just developing cool stuff, you know. While development teams become international or big, the dark side of growing scale appears. The quality of source code is at stake.

Resolving problems in constant code reviews take a lot of extra time, while the use of different tools requires additional investments and, again, extra time. That is why we're so excited to announce our new product launch — codeNforcer!

CodeNforcer is a Corporate Software Quality Improvement Environment targeted on increasing source code quality. It exposes the weaknesses in complex multitier systems by identifying the high severity engineering flaws undetectable by testing.

With codeNforcer you can increase quality of any Java source code for any software product you're developing. Minimize your time and efforts! Create one streamlined process for source code quality control, improvements and checkings.

Check out codeNforcer

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