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The primary goal of using codeNforcer is to enhance your source code quality measurement, analysis and verification processes. With this unique platform, you can greatly improve the overall quality of your software development efforts by creating one streamlined process for source code quality control, improvements and checkings allowing you to accurately detect and fix weaknesses in your source code at various stages of the development life cycle. And whichever version of codeNforcer you choose - hosted in cloud or on your own server - you will still get all the great features it provides.

General Features

  • Adaptive UI for working on mobile and desktop devices
  • Safe and high performance source code encryption
  • Users management
  • Projects management
  • Code snapshots management
  • Server based version with system health/resources usage monitoring system
  • Sending emails with notifications to users about all important events related to project

Software Quality Analytics

  • Four directions for code analysis:
    • Object Oriented Metrics calculation
    • CISQ measures for Reliability, Maintainability, Security and Performance
    • Code convention checking
    • Customized user rules
  • Source code elements reviewing with full revision history capabilities
  • Code validation based on industry standards
  • Code improvement recommendations
  • Capabilities to create tasks right during the code review process
  • Detailed review of every issue detected (including display of the codecontaining the problem)

Customization & Integration

  • Task creation with improvements recommendations with further export to JIRA
  • Task creation with improvements recommendations in codeNforcer
  • Supported programming language: Java (+PHP coming soon)
  • Role-Based Access Management
  • Integration with Git (GitHub)

Project Monitoring & Measurements

  • Creation, management and tracking of Quality Target Points (QTP) for projects
  • Metrics calculations and their changes' dynamics (reflected in QTP)
  • QTP trends charting
  • Source code statistics collection
  • Changes monitoring according to source code snapshots
  • Source code checking according to established schedule
  • Web-based tools for source code review

With codeNforcer, you will benefit from all these features to achieve optimal quality assurance, monitoring and improvement of your software development efforts, also enabling you to:

Manage development and maintenance costs: either in-house or outsourced
Align business and software development that supports it
Increase development projects productivity
Improve Reliability, Maintainability, Security and Performance
Decrease support and maintenance time
Increase customer satisfaction
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