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Comprehensive Software Quality Improvement Environment

These days, software engineering presumes that the software products organizations deliver are becoming more complex in terms of functionality, scale, and problems they solve. As a result, not only the development part, but also the actual QA approaches become more sophisticated. Consequently, testing becomes too expensive and inefficient for large complicated projects and the software products risk to be launched live with errors.

Weaknesses of the Traditional Approach

We are not saying that testing is not efficient any more. Our approach is all about being forward looking. Nowadays organizations need to think strategically when trying to predict and identify poor or defective code before it can cause consequences in material losses and market competitiveness.

Advantages of the Code Analysis Tool

Unexpected defects are hidden among different software levels and multiple technology infrastructure especially when the end product is a large and complex solution. Due to our proactive approach to defection prevention, your IT budget won�t be wasted in vain. Source code analysis and review based on source code metrics reduces risks and improves code quality throughout the entire software development life cycle.

What is codeNforcer?

codeNforcer is a Corporate Software Quality Improvement Environment targeted on increasing source code quality. It exposes weaknesses in complex multitier systems by identifying high severity engineering flaws undetectable by testing. codeNforcer allows you to:

  • Conduct source code analysis and validation based on Object-oriented and CISQ metrics
  • Get recommendations for source code improvements on Architecture level as well as improvements for Reliability, Efficiency, Maintainability and Security
  • Integrate JIRA into the improvement process
  • Track quality of your source code with Quality Target Points

codeNforcer is a solution that helps SCRUM and Agile development teams speed up the software development life cycle while minimizing risks associated with the software development process. In particular, it allows you to:

Improve Development Productivity

It's a unique platform that handles all tasks related to source code analysis, review, improvements and refactoring

Achieve Business Alignment

codeNforcer provides strategies for source code modifications and improvements, while you are free to implement only those recommendations which you consider to be the most important at present time

Enhance Software Quality

codeNforcer provides strategies for source code modifications and improvements, while you are free to implement only those recommendations which you consider to be the most important at present time

Optimize Costs

You can choose the best-suited version for you: SaaS or server-based

Streamline QA Activities

With codeNforcer you can evolve automated source code analysis efforts into a continuous process

Ensure End Product Quality

codeNforcer has a special reporting system showing the level of Quality Target Points achieved based on quality, security, performance, reliability, architecture quality and other characteristics

Who Will Benefit the Most

Software Development Companies

Developers can use codeNforcer for quick review of their source code with the purpose of improving its architecture. Architects and managers can check the accuracy of the developed source code, its development speed, and the availability of comments. QA engineers can complete tasks of analyzing the source code and provide developers with recommendations on how to fix the most important problems.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

If you are an independent software engineering expert or an architect working for several companies and require a quick tool for source code quality review, the cloud-based version of codeNforcer is exactly what you need.

Software Engineering Experts

With codeNforcer, SMEs can check the quality of software they receive from their outsourcing contractors. By doing so, you can be sure that the code you have paid money for can be developed and expanded in a proper manner in the future.

Universities, Research and Academic Institutions

For post-secondary schools, colleges or universities there is a special offer: any higher education institution can get codeNforcer with a 50% discount. Using codeNforcer in hands-on tutorials helps students improve their skills, develop and deeper their knowledge in the field of software programming. As a result, students become more self-determined, motivated and proficient.

Don't delay your software improvement process.
Give a chance to codeNforcer and start right now!

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